Maailmalla on nouseva trendi käyttää päätöksenteossa sosiokratiaa. Sosiokratia on päätöksenteon ja itseorganisoituvan tiimityön toimintamalli, joka auttaa tiimejä, johtoryhmiä ja hallituksia tekemään päätöksiä ja töitä yhdessä. Sitä hyödynnetään muun muassa itseohjautuvissa ketterissä it-yrityksissä ja kansalaistoiminnassa.

Järjestämme sosiokratiasta valmennuksen 2019 helmikuussa. Kouluttajaksi valmennukseen on saatu sosiokratian  asiantuntija Arne Bollinger S3lf.orgista. Bollinger on valmentanut ja ollut ottamassa  käyttöön sosiokratiaa muun muassa yrityksissä, järjestöissä, erilaisissa projekteissa ja yhteiskehittämisen tiloissa.

Valmennuksessa opit:
• miten päätöksentekoa sujuvoitetaan
• miten ehdotukset muotoillaan yhdessä
• miten päätöksiä tehdään käyttäen suostumuspäätöksentekoa
• miten saadaan valittua oikeat ihmiset oikeisiin rooleihin
• miten kanbanin käytöllä saadaan selkeää tehtävien hallintaa
• miten sosiokratialla edistetään organisaation oppimista

Koulutuksen kieli on englanti.

Liput myynnissä täällä

In this three day course you will get a good basic understanding of sociocracy and the ability to apply and facilitate this methodology. After this course you will be able to facilitate your first S3 patterns within your organisation.

Time: Fri 8th – Sun 10th of February 2019
Place: Taitoba, Annankatu 29, Helsinki

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Normal participation fee 1000€ + VAT 24% 
Small business / Non-profit / Start-up participation fee 550€ + VAT 24% (Limited)

Please buy your tickets before Fri 11.1.2019!


Many modern organisations are looking for ways to become more agile, lean, „teal“ or self-organised in order to foster self-responsibility of employees, use their collective intelligence and improve their identification. The quest for „purpose“ and autonomy of the other younger generations requires a culture change in many established companies.

Holacracy and Sociocracy offer promising frameworks for self-organisation with step-by-step instructions on how to achieve that in practice.

Sociocracy 3.0 is the latest version out of this 60 years evolved tradition. S3 is fully agile as a modular pattern approach, that enables organisations to co-create highly individual structures, flow of information, hierarchy, bottom-archy, roles, circles and links, that fit their situation and needs.

S3 has a full bag of tips and tricks to make meetings more effective and how to improve the collaboration within and in between teams.

Influences from Nonviolent Communication are at the center of S3 now and conflict prevention is thus preprogrammed. On top of that S3 has a full bag of tips and tricks to make meetings more effective and how to improve the collaboration within and in between teams.

The training, like sociocracy itself, works a lot with creative participation. Our trainings are constantly evolving and we collect feedback every day to adapt to the needs and interests of our participants.

Quotes from previous participants

„Sociocracy is like an update for our mental operating system“ (2016)

“This seminar brought the Principles of Sociocracy 3.0 to the audience not only by it’s content but also by the way the content was delivered. Even „dry material“ is well digested thanks to energizers and an easy going workshop leader.” (2017)


Arne Bollinger
Arne first learned about SCM (Classic Sociocracy 1.0) from James Priest and introduced it to the international gift-economy network for communities, as well as the coworking space Thinkfarm in Berlin. He has followed the development of Sociocracy 3 curiously and is enthusiastic about the innovations and the agile approach.

Since 3 years, he is a trainer and coach for Sociocracy 3.0. He has worked with many different groups and organisations and knows many other tools as well. He is trained in learning psychology and certified for brain friendly learning.


Lari Karreinen
Solution focused facilitator and coach

Tanja Korvenmaa
Participatory process designer, coach for value-based-businesses
Tanja attended one of Arne’s workshops in 2016 and wants to go further with S3.

Pauliina Helle
President of Global Ecovillage Finland (SKEY ry) , facilitator, project manager, wilderness guide
Pauliina also attended Arne’s workshop in 2016 and has started implementing sociocracy in her NGO.

English. Ad-hoc translation to Finnish is available!

Friday 9.00 – 18.00
Saturday 9.00 – 18.00
Sunday 9.00 – 17.00
Lunch break at 13.00 every day